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Sublime Text 3 Unhiding Menu in Ubuntu - Simpler Solution

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The method which I mentioned in this blog post of mine, solves the problem, but then you have to
  1. Close the Sublime Text
  2. Fire up a terminal
  3. Execute a command or two
  4. Open Sublime Text again
Quite a lot of steps to do. But then I found a simpler solution today and it works like a charm for me. The solution is to use "Keyboard Shortcuts" :-) Let me explain in detail.
  1. Click Preferences -> Key Bindings - User
  2. In the window that opens, you need to add a new keyboard shortcut for the command "toggle_menu". For example, this is how my shortcuts looks like
    [{"keys": ["ctrl+\\"], "command": "toggle_side_bar"},
    {"keys": ["ctrl+shift+m"], "command": "toggle_menu"}]
  3. Save the file and start doing your happy dance.
Now, you can simply press the keyboard shortcut whatever you choose to assign to toggle menu :-)