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Making Lync 2010 to Work in Android

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Lately I downloaded Lync 2010 from Android Market. But I was not able to make it to connect to my corporate network. I was sure that there is some setting which has to be done properly but not sure what that is. After surfing internet for a while, landed on this page.

This is how I made it to work.

1) Downloaded and installed Lync 2010 from Google Play Store in my Android Gingerbread.
2) Opened Lync 2010
3) Typed my username and password properly. The username should be typed completely, for example,
4) Now press the menu button to be able to select the "Options" option.
5) It will open up a page like this
6) Most of the cases, Lync detects the server details automatically. So lets not worry about the server settings now. Press the downward arrow which corresponds to the User name box, which will pull up a simple page like this.
7) This is the part which was driving me crazy and took three days to figure out. You have to provide the username along with the complete domain name. The most important thing is, you need to use a backward slash (\) to separate the domain name and username. My gingerbread did not show (\) character on this page. So I had to copy it from the browser where I was able to type that character. For example, domain\someone

I helped many of my friends using Lync this way, on Android and it works on iTouch also.